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WIPP - Tubular Baluster Mount Pole

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***To Be Phased Out in 2018***

Special screw mount brackets clasp to Vertical iron or wood balusters or "spires" on decks, iron fences and porches. Fits 7/16" to 3/4" square or round spires / balusters. See images below.

Use our Model# FPWF5 This hanger holds feeders at the proper distance so that squirrels cannot reach the feeders and defeat closing mechanisms. Clasps onto vertical iron balusters on porches or fences. 24" Long. 30# Capacity.

This is an exclusive Erva product and the only item of its kind on the market!

All Quick Connect items can be added Quick Connect Attachments
Extenders can be added to increase height Pole Extendsions
Platform mounting options Feeder Mounting Plates

  • Model: UPC 763945-708614
  • Manufactured by: Erva - Proudly made in USA