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CYFB2 - Dove Proof Seed Cylinder Feeder

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The barrier guard on this feeder features larger 2" square openings. Our regular starling proof feeders feature 1.5" square openings which are too small for cardinals to gain access. The 2" square mesh prevents doves from getting in, but still allows cardinals and other smaller birds through. As with all of our barrier guarded feeders this product can be quickly disassembled without tools for easy cleaning. 100% USA made - including the galvanized and coated "Lobster Trap" mesh, which is designed to withstand submersion in a marine environment. Top and bottom plates are fully galvanized and powder coated. The cable is both galvanized and coated.

Hang it from a tree branch. See our BH12, BH24, BH36 or MH54 US made Tree Branch Hooks

Can also be mounted on our Tubular Feeder Poles or on your deck with our FP6NF Deck Pole using our YSFF Mounting Plate

14.5" Wide. 8.5" High.

Made in USA

  • Model: UPC 763945-301839