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TSB - Nyjer Thistle Sock

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"The Black Sack" Our black nylon nyjer thistle sock with a yellow closing cord is not your ordinary mass produced thistle feeder.


Why buy our sock?
  •  Black doesn't show dirt and provides contrast to the goldfinch. 
  •  Premium quality mesh won't fall apart after a couple of fillings.
  •  Cord lock prevents seed from spilling out even if sock is dropped.
  •  Holds about 2-lbs of nyjer thistle seed. 11"L X 4" W
Hang anywhere on your 1" Tubular Pole with our FPWF1
Hang anywhere on your Shepherd Staff pole with our  Quick Connect™ RTWFR1 Staff Hook
To keep your socks (and goldfinches) dry, complete your setup with an Rain Guard

  • Model: UPC 763945-560076
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs