Nature House Products

A Word About Display Units

Why we charge for our display fixtures:

1) Display fixtures cost $$ to build.

2) To offer "Free" display fixtures Erva would need to recover the cost of these fixtures by inflating the price of Erva products.

3) Many dealers don't require display fixtures, consequently it would be unfair to have those dealers pay higher product prices, inflated to cover the cost of so called "Free" fixtures.

4) Our fixtures are "furniture quality" and last years. Re-stocking fixtures year after year with inflated cost products does not benefit our dealers.

5) We believe it's best to charge (our production cost only) for displays provided to dealers that actually need and benefit from them.

6) Lastly, some dealers are accustomed to getting free cheap displays every year, from our competitors, and consequently throw them away end of season. Our furniture quality display fixtures are an investment that will yield a "Return On Investment" for many years. We don't build throw away displays, just as we don't build throw away products.

Rest assured you are paying only the cost we incur to build these Erva Display Fixtures