Nature House Products

A Word About Freight

Why we don't offer Free Freight:

1) Freight is not free.

2) To offer free freight we would need to inflate product prices to cover this cost.

3) Inflating product prices by the overall average shipping cost may be of benefit to geographically distant dealers, but penalizes our geographically close dealers. This is not a fair approach.

4) Many dealers pick up at our dock with their own vehicles, and rightly demand the "true" product price.

5) True "Free Freight" is offered by Erva on certain occasions most notably as a "Trade Show Special". This benefit recognizes the efforts made by dealers that spend time and money to visit us at a trade show. True "Free Freight" is a meaningful discount.

6) The true freight cost is significantly reduced when large orders are placed. Palletized common carrier orders are the most efficient manner of transport to our dealers and we always secure at least three quotes from regular carriers.

Erva prefers to remain transparent in the application of shipping charges by offering its products at the true (lowest possible) cost, and then adding freight appropriate to the specific dealer order. We charge you what the shipping company charges us. Period.

This is the only fair and equitable way of applying freight charges.