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Squirrel Baffles

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"Worlds Greatest Squirrel Baffle" TM 
Erva Baffles are the #1 best selling American made baffles on the market!
Squirrels are tough to beat. We know, we have been in the business of producing American made Squirrel Baffles for over twenty years!  Squirrels are acrobatic and persistent. They can jump vertically as high as 4' and horizontally as much as 8-10'. They can balance on a wire and if they can grip it - they can climb it. To complicate matters, squirrels evolve. Fortunately, with the help of our large selection of squirrel baffles, the battle can be won.  From our cylindrical squirrel baffles to our scalloped edge cone squirrel baffles, Erva makes sure that squirrels will be unable to access your feeders. Saving your expensive seed, and your sanity.
Raccoon problems? We also have a variety of raccoon baffles to prevent raccoons from reaching your bird feeders and houses. Keep in mind that all of our raccoon and squirrel baffles are made in the United States, and are made with galvanized steel to maintain the attractive appearance of our baffles for years. 
Mounting hardware is always included with every Erva product.